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Orthopaedic Specialist

Restoration of Function


Dr Mills is an Australian trained and based Orthopaedic Surgeon who completed his undergraduate training at Melbourne University in 1983 and training in Orthopaedic surgery in 1991. 


Dr Mills has additionally completed post-fellowship AOA accredited fellowships in Hip Relacement in the Prof Sit John Charnely Unit at Wrightington Hospital UK, Knee replacement, Shoulder surgery at Henderson Clinic Melbourne and also worked in the Professorial Unit Dept. Orthopaedics Hong Kong. He has published in peer reviewed international journals on bone storage, knee surgery, ACL reconstruction and hip surgery, infection prevention.


He continues to research navigation in joint replacement, infection prevention and new techniques for managing joint arthritis with a focus on preservation of the joint prior to replacement. He uses low intensity shockwave & platelet rich growth factors to enhance recovery and treat tendonopathies.

Please email or call our office on for more information.


Assessment requires a detailed history, examination and often investigation. You should bring any referrals, physiotherapy letters, and details of medications and past medical history. Frequently the history will disclose the actual problem or problems and the other clinical findings are used to confirm and help plan treatment. Sometimes several visits may be needed for you to be happy that  you understand the issues and are ready to proceed to the next stage of treatment. Surgery is used when other treatments don't or can't solve the issue. Bring a pad to make notes on. Bring someone to help you recall the discussion. Call or email if you need more information.

We work with you & your insurer to solve your concerns

Our vision is to get you back doing the things you want and need to do. We achieve that with understanding about the issues and choices and an agreement to work together to solve your problems. We can arrange for treatment in a hospital that matches your type of insurance or will explain the alternative options you have.


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